I am currently flying high above the clouds on my method back to MD. But, before I got on the airplane flight terminal security stopped me since of a suspicious product in my handbag – a banana. I can only envision what they believed it was, however Ben’s random comment of the day is:

Ben: “Miss, I’m sorry but, you can’t utilize a dildo on the plane, it may distract the pilots…”
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Review of Jessica Simpson’s new book – open Book. The singer as well as entrepreneur spills tricks as well as behind the scenes surprises all in her memoir.

Review of the Audible book – Jessica Simpson reads it herself! plus there are bonus tunes when you get the audio version!

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This morning we were up bright as well as early for my friend’s ABC (Annual breast Cancer) 5K. It was a extremely little race as well as I won very first location for the women’s division!!! Susan states there is a boob trophy coming my method soon:)

Susan as well as Camiseta FC Porto I

It was quite chilly this morning so my Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Camerún household was all dancing around waiting on the race to begin.

Ben, my mom, Matt as well as a few of my cousins came out for the race too. I like that they wished to be a part of it.

I packed overnight oats for breakfast as well as ate them on the method home. I’ve been craving Camiseta Feyenoord overnight oats for a while, however keep forgetting to make them –finally my craving is satisfied.

I likewise packed lunch for the flight – PB&J, carrots as well as an apple. I usually pack a ton of snacks for traveling, however this is all I packed today – I hope I don’t get hungry once again soon. Oh wait, I just kept in mind I have grapes – chomp, chomp, chomp.

Overall my trip to California was just what I needed. I got in some excellent family, pet as well as running time. I’m always so unfortunate to leave, however we’ll be visiting once again soon – at least it’s something to look ahead to.

I definitely over did it with the food as well as drinks on this trip, however I had a great time as well as was working with some stuff. Now, I am so prepared to get back on track with healthy eats! My bag weighed an additional six as well as a half pounds coming back as well as I’m quite sure I do as well ?

I may begin my new Year’s Resolutions tomorrow!



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