Here’s the ultimate listing of Running goals to assist provide you some concepts on exactly how to set the very best running goal for YOU. There are 22 running goals you can utilize to influence your 2022 goals.

I have an amazing Running goals Workbook to assist you set huge goals as well as achieve them this year. It’s a free pdf download you can print out (or screenshot) as well as comply with along all 2022. total the type on this publish to get your copy now!

Running goals Workbook


But first… let’s talk about Running goals as well as new Year’s Resolutions.

I like new year’s resolutions, new months, new running shoes… basically any type of chance for a fresh start. So, I like to truly stop as well as believe about my goals for the year, compose them down as well as determine which ones are most important to me. Then, I focus on those to work towards.

I understand running is hard. as well as it can be overwhelming to believing about setting a running goal for the year. It’s additional difficult to set a running goal if you’re scrolling with Instagram as well as see countless other runners sharing their goals! So important reminder: set a goal that’s important to YOU. (It should likewise be something that’s realistic for your fitness, health and wellness as well as experience.)

Here’s a listing of concepts to assist you brainstorm a fantastic running goal for YOU. utilize this as motivation to determine some goals you’d like to achieve. Then, get the Running goals Workbook to name it as well as make a plan to chase it down.

22 Running goal concepts for 2022

Run naked – run without innovation when a week. This provides you the possibility to inspect in with your body.

Run a path race – train for a path race this year. It’s like a different sport from road running!

Run a destination race – pick a location you want to go to as well as see what race choices are available.

Run #__ miles this year. set a goal to run a specific number for miles every week or month. overall it up for the year for your Running Mileage goal for 2022.

Run a huge city marathon. If you checked out that as well as a race popped in your head – go for it!

Run with buddies – make a running friend as well as the miles fly by. (You’ll be flying as well if they’re quicker than you.)

Run with your dog – Don’t have a dog? get one! Or ask to run with a friend’s (especially if they’re hectic as well as want their pup to get more exercise)

Make ‘Have Fun’ the goal. Make 1 run a week just for fun, without any type of distance or speed goals. listen to a funny audiobook. podcast or your fave playlist.

Run your very first Marathon or Half. already conquered those distances? Run a race you haven’t done before.

Run a PR. set a new personal record in a 5K, 10K, half or Full. Or set a program pr as well as run your fastest time at a race you do every year.

Run a fun RACE – try a Run Disney event or fun run near you, gown up as well as just have fun.

New path – discover a new location to run when a week. This is a fantastic method to prevent long run boredom.

Join a running club – inspect with your regional running store to see if they hold group runs.

Introduce somebody to running – already have a long of friends, however no run buddy? invite a buddy to run with you.

Strength Train – get stronger as well as ended up being a much better runner with a stamina training plan for runners.

Eat much better – focus on nutrition to assist your body perform as well as recuperate better.

Run 2022 Miles this year – Do the ‘Run the Year Challenge’ as well as run 2,022 miles in 2022.

Run #__ Marathons or half Marathons – set a goal to run a specific number of races this year.

Run Streak – begin a Running Streak as well as do at least 1 mile everyday.

Train your mind – work on your mental training when a week.

Volunteer at a race – indication as much as work on an aide station at a regional race.

MOONSHOT RUNNING goal – name that big, frightening running goal you truly want to achieve (and may be a lil scared to admit).

No matter what goal you set for yourself – I’m rooting for you. having fun is a fantastic goal. Running a Marathon pr is a fantastic goal. Every body is different – do what’s finest for you.

Remember, the very best running goal for YOU is something that’s important to you, works with your timeline as well as present health/fitness, do-able economically as well as logistically as well as something you want to do.

How to set Your Running goals Workbook

Ready to set your running goals? requirement some assist setting a great running goal for you??

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The 2022 Run goals Workbook Includes:

Review of last year

Step by step goal setting

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2022 Monthly Goals

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