Hello! this week I’m working with Freshly to sample a few of their tasty menu products from the meal shipment service. It includes breakfast, lunch as well as dinner so I feel like I’m living the life over here! (There is a discount rate code below if you’re thinking about having somebody cook ya 3 meals a day.)

Breakfast – I selected the egg scramble with spinach as well as mushrooms for day 1. I broke the policies as well as added a bagel thin. But, I run (and eat) a great amount so I requirement carbs as well as protein after a run.
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Snack time: My own lil treat

Lunch: I understand this is odd however I was a lot of ecstatic for the tuna in the lunch menu! I like tuna, however try to stay away from it because of Mercury as well as Venus. I do truly take pleasure in every bit of it when I do have some.

(I put the tuna in a sandwich since that’s exactly how I roll. The tuna came with those carrot sticks as well as I added some a lot more with hummus.)

Snack time again! I dipped some strawberries in whipped peanut butter as well as it made my life better.

Dinner: There are a great deal of fantastic dinner choices on the Freshly menu. very first day I tried the eco-friendly chili chicken. This would have been fantastic in a tortilla! liked the chicken.

First I roasted up some brussel sprouts as well as then plated everything elegant like. (The meal came with those veggies too.)


Use code: runeatrepeat for 50% Off your very first week of Freshly meal shipment service (either plan).

Question: What was the very best thing you ate today?

Me: I have to opt for the zillion iced coffees I drank.



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