hey there as well as welcome to one more round on Mexican Meatless Monday! This weekend I made Peach Salsa & Black Bean Couscous. It is incredibly simple too! just throw whatever together as well as enjoy.  

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ww couscous

TJ’s Peach Salsa

Can of Black Beans

Can of Kidney Beans

Salt & Pepper


Cook couscous according to bundle directions. I cooked the whole bundle as well as it was as well much. I would suggest making 2 cups of couscous if you try this (half a package).

Rinse off beans.

Mix couscous, beans, salsa as well as salt & pepper to taste. Refrigerate up until prepared to eat!

This is a fantastic Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Polonia summertime BBQ recipe considering that you don’t have to concern about it going poor in the sun quickly.  

This morning I was ecstatic to run. often I requirement an additional rest day, however today I was prepared to go!

I did 1 mile warm-up; 1 mile tempo; a few hill repeats; 1 mile awesome down. I just made it up as I went along.

I was late this morning so I threw together lunch as well as breakfast at the exact same time. I left the kitchen area in a mess ?

Breakfast – Bagel with AB & PB (Pepita sun Butter) on a paper plate since I am irresponsible with doing my part to save the environment.

And a smoothie! My fave.

Ben as well as I are still carpooling as well as considering that he dropped me off very first we had to switch the vehicle at lunch. He came as well as chosen me up as well as stated he Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Gales “forgot” his lunch at work as well as wished to pick something up.

I’m always down for a diet plan Coke as well as some french fries, so we stopped at Del Taco.

The rest of my lunch was a wrap full of TJ’s Ranchero Egg White Salad. I like this stuff.

The afternoon was busy, however I Camiseta SS Lazio made time for a great snack – chocolate Greek Yogurt as well as cereals. I don’t understand why I have been eating anything besides yogurt as well as cereal for a snack. It was my fave all with college as well as I stopped eating for some reason. Well, it’s back. huge time.

I’ve been eating the couscous for lunch as well as dinner for days. Well, at least it feels like that.

Plus ice cream from the soft serve ice cream guy ? What? You don’t have a soft serve ice cream man? as well bad.



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