update June 1, 2016 – I am encouraged that this Bill, because of important public feedback, has been slowed down as well as sent back to committee as well as will not resurface up until at least December when, hopefully, it revised to make sure objective security requirements are put into place.


Update may 28, 2016 – This Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Inglaterra expense has not yet made it out of the Senate with it now being revised prior to vote.  The changed expense can be discovered here.

In short, the changed expense has made it remove that it will enable not-for-profit organizations hold amateur “full contact” martial arts contests which include amateur MMA as there was some ambiguity with the original Bill.  The changed expense likewise will need that a “sanctioning body”oversee such an event.

A shortcoming of the bill, however, is that it has an “Incumbent Sanctioning Body” loophole which will enable any type of “organization that notifies the department in composing that it is a acknowledged sanctioning body in a lot more than 10 American States” to immediately be a sanctioning body without any additionally oversight required.  This is problematic on two fronts, the very first is there appears to be no due diligence in the organization proving they are acknowledged in a lot more than 10 States, they just requirement to tell the department that they are.

Secondly, as well as maybe a lot more problematically, when an organization is acknowledged as an Incumbent Sanctioning Body they are complimentary to phone call the shots as they see in shape when overseeing an amateur full get in touch with event.  Many corners can be cut when it pertains to security requirements under this law. If such an organization removes any type of of the below fundamental security procedures they would be complimentary to do so as well as the specify might not step in under this legislation

HIV testing

Hepatitis testing

Eye exams

Pre as well as post-bout physical exams by a physician

Having an ambulance on site

Having paramedics on site

Reporting of injuries to the national record-keeping organization

Requiring common time off after bouts or injuries

State inspection of hand wraps for foreign bodies like metal or plaster

Requirements for physical sound as well as cage safety

Certified or licensed referees

Expert matchmaking to make sure safety, including the inspecting of win/loss records

Application as well as identity verification of fighters

Standardized weight classes (they might produce their own weight classes at will)

If the specify wishes to pass the buck to personal organizations that’s fine, however not at the cost of enabling security to be compromised. This expense needs to be tightened up or it must not pass. Locals in Illinois must speak as much as their government agents promptly.


Update  May 25, 2016 – I am encouraged this expense made it out of committee today as well as is expected for Senate vote this Friday leaving bit time for those who oppose this regulations to voice their concerns.

In what appears to be a significant step backwards in the world of battle sports regulation, Camiseta Sporting CP the Illinois general Assembly has introduced a expense which, if passed, will deregulate a hold of amateur combative sports, including amateur MMA in essence stripping the sport of all consistent central security oversights.

The suggested legislation, AMENDMENT TO home expense 1646, carves out the complying with many exceptions to events which will not requirement any type of government oversight

Amateur boxing or full-contact martial arts contests conducted by recognized secondary schools, colleges, or universities, although a charge may be charged

Amateur boxing contests that are sanctioned by USA Boxing or any type of other sanctioning organization authorized by the association of Boxing Commissions

Amateur boxing or full-contact martial arts contests sponsored by a State, county, or municipal entity.

Amateur martial arts contests that are not defined as full-contact martial arts contests under this Act, including, however not restricted to Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Jujutsu, Tae Kwon Do as well as Kyuki-Do

Full-contact martial arts contests, as defined by this Act, that are acknowledged by the worldwide Olympic committee or are contested in the Olympic games are are not conducted in an enclosed battling area or ring

Amateur boxing or martial arts contests that are conducted by a not-for-profit organisation

“Amateur” contests include contests where promoters can fee a charge to the public as well as participants can get a non-monetary prize worth no a lot more than $50 in value or “a stipend for an athletic club or sponsor of the contestant to cover the expense of training as well as involvement costs not to surpass $1,500”

Also noteworthy are that ‘full get in touch with martial arts’ are defined to expressly include MMA.

In short this regulations will enable a hold of methods for promoters to hold for revenue battle sports events without the requirement to abide by any type of specify sanctioned medical demands such as blood testing, physicals, results reporting, suspensions as well as other methods which have established to make sure the integrity of these sports.

It is tough to comprehend why a legislature believes this broad stripping of oversight Camiseta Borussia Dortmund is a great concept as well as if any type of stakeholders in the Illinois battle sports neighborhood agree now is the time to speak as much as make sure this regulations is appropriately scrutinized before having a possibility to pass.


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