After my great “I love everything!” post today I went to meet my mother for lunch. On the way I a car hit me from behind at a red light. They hit me hard.

Then, they drove away. WTF.
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Did I mention I was in my mom’s car?

Yes. God has a way of keeping me in reality when I am getting a little too pleased about unimportant things.

But, I’m alright and the car is okay. only minor damage to both. I have a small headache, so I might be a little sore in the neck tomorrow, but I am fine ?

I did eventually get to my mom’s work and we ate a quick lunch together. My mother is a teacher so she couldn’t just postpone lunch until I got there.

I had made us salads with the works! Spinach, tomatoes, onions, carrots, hummus, peas, black beans and dressing. My mother was amazed with my salad making skills ?

I also packed bread with butta and an apple.

I went home and had my brother look at the car – he said it would be alright and just needed to get a new light bulb because the accident broke it somehow? The bumper is a little loose now though too.

But, I didn’t even realize it and started emotionally eating. I grabbed a handful of chocolate chips and then these candies….  that’s when I realized I needed to stop and walk away. and I did ? Okay, maybe after another handful of choc chips.

Then, my mother took me shopping and I got an iced coffee. It made me feel better.

Who’s that girl that takes pictures of flowers at Costco?

Oh, it’s me. You men read the blog of a weirdo.

We also snacked on these Veggie Crisps while driving around. Ha, now I’ve got my mother addicted to these too.

Dinner was boxed Indian food – which I promise tastes better than it sounds ? after this picture my mother brought out this fancy wheat bread from a bakery at her retreat. So good!

After dinner I unwound by eating cookies. and that’s when I realized I am a cookie-aholic. I am pleased I’m not an alcoholic, but cookies are much more readily available and can be just as harmful for some people.

I feel really bad about getting in an accident in my mom’s car (even though it was not my fault). I ought to talk about this with a friend and not avoid my feelings with my frenemy = Amos (as in well-known Amos).

Anyone else have a major fail today? I hope not!

But feel totally free to vent in the comments ?



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