I’d like to think I’m supplying a service at RER. Well, not so much a service as a way for you to waste time when you must be working or studying…
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Face Mask for Running or walking outside TIPS
Face Mask ideas for Running or walking outside during Coronavirus outbreak. Do you have to wear a face mask and best options for runners.

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Anyways, today I bring you a sex education quiz. Self magazine has a quiz with questions that you must know the answers too, but do you?

Check it out here: Sex Ed Quiz.  Ben and I got 9 out of 12. Boo.

My afternoon snack was a granola bar and an apple…

I got home around 6:30pm and walked to the store for propane. By the time I got back I was for real hungry. So, I ate a snack while cooking – at least I saw this as a “real” snack and not substantial bites that just disappear…Triscuits and a piece of cheese ?

It’s tempeh Thursday (I made that up).

I made this the same as last time – chopped up 1/2 a block of  tempeh cooked with Costco frozen veggies and topped with teriyaki sauce. Love. This was a substantial bowl because I didn’t make rice to opt for it, per usual. I wanted the veggies and tempeh to fill me up!


And asparagus cooked on the grill (with Ben’s steak that he cooked). everyone teases Ben that he is going to start “eating like Monica” and not eating meat. Um, Ben is a grown ass man and is perfectly capable of getting and cooking meat if he wants it.

Today went by incredibly super fast! I’m ecstatic for kickboxing tomorrow ?

You have a little bit of time left to score some tea!



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