This is my last reach the beach publish as well as I’m sad.

First, I want to provide a big say thanks to You to new balance as well as the reach the beach organization. They truly hooked us up all the method as well as made the experience so much a lot more awesome. say thanks to you!
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And I likewise have to provide a shout out to Jack our cam person as well as and his crew. I’m sure it wasn’t simple living in a van with 12 loud, smelly women (or 1 truly LOUD SMELLY woman from California as well as her friends).

Jack had an fascinating vision for our pre-race group shot as well as I was vocal about pushing back on this idea. But, this is exactly how it came out…

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When we last spoke I had just survived my 2am 8 miler in the pitch black as well as the rest of my van completed their runs.

From there we headed to the next shift Camiseta OGC Nice area to try as well as get some sleep.

By this time around the sun was out as well as it was difficult to autumn asleep, however we were all dragging. a few of us fell asleep.

Some of us had a giggle celebration on the roofing of the van.

We ended up each staying in the seats we started in from the begin of the race. Anne as well as I were in the back as well as cuddled.

I did autumn asleep for a bit bit right here as well as then it was time to get up, get prepared as well as fuel up! We headed to a regional Dunkin Donuts for iced coffee. I ended up getting some donut holes for the van to share.

I was having major tummy problems though as well as realized donuts may not be a great idea. I went back as well as gotten an egg sandwich. I likewise threw away the coffee since my tummy was a mess. Luckily, I packed Immodium as well as that assisted a lot.

Before my last leg I figured I must eat something so I grabbed a banana.

I was truly terrified that I was going to have tummy issues on my run as well as there are NO BATHROOMS on the program as well as going out in a field or something is automatic disqualification.

We all seriously discussed what we would do if somebody sht their pants. It was for real.

We waited for van 1’s last runner to bring it in at the shift area.

There she is!

Tina grabbed the snap bracelet as well as raced off incredibly fast!

I was after her as well as generally just waited in the porta potty up until it was my turn.

My last leg was 6.77 miles with a rural neighborhood. My legs were totally Dead from my “speed work” in the middle of the night. My quads felt incredibly tight as well as I had gotten a huge blister under my huge toe on my very first leg of the race (I was so afraid during the night leg I failed to remember it hurt!).

My goal for the last leg was to 1.) Not poop my pants 2.) Run the whole thing

I told my team I ran my heart out the night before as well as wouldn’t be quick for this last leg. I just took pleasure in the scenery to distract myself from my screaming quads. lucky for me homes on the east coastline look different from California so I distracted myself by inspecting them out.

6.77 miles – typical speed 8:59

Mile 1: 8:55

Mile 2: 8:33

Mile 3: 8:46

Mile 4: 8:57

Mile 5: 9:31

Mile 6: 9:16

.77: 8:58

I graded myself a “B” for this leg – any type of assumption why?!

Scroll down to see the disgusting reason…

Handoff to Theodora!

Nothing especially special about my last leg. I felt my blister get worse as well as worse up until I just type of embraced the pain as a distraction from my screaming quads. Then, I felt it POP! around mile 4. Yes, I felt it ooze as well as everything. It was disgusting.

When I was done I reluctantly took off my sock to expose the damage.

So, my last leg gets a “B” for Blister.

After that I altered as well as breathed a huge sigh of relief that my part was done as well as I might just take pleasure in the rest of the day!

We applauded on the rest of our team as well as got a third wind of energy!

I truly liked being able to drive around Massachusetts too! I saw so lots of new locations on this journey.

(source: /

During Anne’s leg…

(source: /

Apparently I ate this at some point too…

At a shift area waiting on Elizabeth…

Here we are waiting on the side of the road for our last runner Ashley to find by. There were so lots of stunning areas we ran through!

Finally we saw Ashley before her last push as well as headed to the beach to satisfy her there. It was incredible to lastly reach THE BEACH!

We all ran with the surface line together!

Team Off Balance!

What was incredibly incredible about this team is that I didn’t understand everybody before this race. It’s not like we’re all colleagues or old college roomies – half of these women I had never satisfied before. But, everybody truly did work as a team. We ended up being life long buddies in 48 hours.

Right after our group shot van #2 headed directly to the food Camiseta Rangers FC as well as beer tents. We were hungry as well as hadn’t had a genuine meal all day!

Running is such an private sport, doing something like a relay totally modifications the dynamic. I had the very best time of my life!

Even though I nearly had a panic assault on my night run, I would do this once again Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Inglaterra in a second. I had so so so much fun.

Now I’m looking into other relays since I don’t want this fun running high feeling to end!

I liked being able to spend so much time with buddies I don’t get to see that often.

I liked making new friends.

I liked running my heart out.

I liked seeing new parts of the united states I’ve never checked out before –

AND being able to run with them!

Every second I felt like I was on an experience as well as I had a blast. I miss my buddies – when is the next one girls?!



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