This very easy strawberries and cream cake is inspired by strawberry shortcake, but only requires 3 ingredients. It’s a terrific way to Camiseta Corinthians Paulista throw together a dessert no baking required.

Hello! yesterday I spend the morning running the Tinkerbell half Marathon (recap coming). With two days of very early wake-up calls for races (the 10K was Saturday) I was not really in the mood to cook or bake. But, I wanted to bring a dessert to my parents’ for Mother’s Day.

My mother is a fan of strawberries and whipped cream and fruit tart kind of desserts. So I put together this very easy take on strawberries and cream with angel food cake, strawberries and ‘cream’ in the form of condensed milk. It was so easy and everyone loved it!

First, let’s say ‘Hi’ to my fave tiny person and the dogs. My lil brother used to be my favorite tiny person but he is no longer tiny!

My other brother BBQ-ed and we ate outside.

Strawberries and cream Cake

* 3 ingredients * No Bake * very easy *

Ingredients: 3 cups sliced strawberries, angel food cake, sweetened condensed milk

You can make an angel food cake from scratch but this one was $2.99 and it would take a lot longer and about the same amount of money so… nah.

Carefully remove angel food cake from container. using a sharp knife cut it into 3 layers. Be very gentle with it because this cake is so soft and airy. You can use frosting as ‘glue’ if you break the cake a little bit.

Mix sliced strawberries with condensed milk.

Spoon strawberries on the bottom layer of cake. top with next layer and repeat.

Frost top layer with much more condensed milk OR frosting. I used vanilla frosting because I wanted it to look fancy because it was for a party. top with whole strawberries.

Refrigerate cake to set before cutting.

I put it in the freezer before I drove to my mothers with the cake. I ought to have just refrigerated Camiseta Ajax it or taken it out sooner because the strawberries got a little too frozen. but everyone really liked it!


Do you eat layer cakes one layer at a time or fork a piece of each layer?


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