Back in the day when I was a bit gigolo RER was expected to be all running or eating. Then, it turned random genuine quick since that’s just me. Today is a peek of what I ate yesterday since it’s quite usual…

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But first, I’d like to provide myself a good ol’ pat on the back since yesterday was national drink red wine Day as well as I didn’t drink all my meals.

Breakfast: Eggs. For days. this time around courtesy a Toufayan Gluten totally free wrap as well Camiseta Real Sociedad as drowned in Sriracha, per usual.

Snack: An orange as well as some almonds. No Camiseta Bayer 04 Leverkusen photo since my hands were sticky, hello.

Lunch: I found some salmon on sale as well as made a elegant salad! I’m quite happy of this because it’s typically leftover poultry or something not as delicious.

Snack: Quest Bar.

Later, some Food ought to taste great Crackers with avocado. My mom’s Camiseta Palmeiras avocados are ripe as well as incredible best now!!

Dinner: Pintos Pizza. I’m eating solo tonight so I just threw together one more one of these. So simple as well as tasty.

Dessert: I tried to produce a protein muffin recipe with some overly-ripe bananas as well as they were method as well moist. Fail. But, I put them in the toaster oven as well as crumbled them over yogurt with come sf chocolate syrup. Boom. issue solved.

I don’t know: Also, randomly discovered this photo on my phone so I should have ate this as well at some point unless vegas is utilizing my phone to take pics of his snacks…

Okay. Then, it was time for an adult bev.

But not truly since it’s a institution night as well as I have to make sure to get vegas off to preschool with his other feline good friends bright as well as early*.

*All not true because A.) He’s a feline as well as I’m not that drunk. B.) He wakes up at 4pm PST

The end.

Question: What are you eating today?

Can I have a bite?



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