The theme of today is quick and easy. I had 5 minutes to make and eat breakfast so I threw cereal, chia seeds and almond butter on top of what remained in my pinapple cottage cheese container. I actually love this combination and plan of getting much more pineapple cottage cheese asap!

Served with iced coffee. I actually made coffee last night so it would already be cold and ready for drinking this morning. quick and easy!
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Bad runs happen – here’s how I moved past it and learned from my next run. suggestion to help you become a better runner by being a neutral observer of your workouts.

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Run: This morning I did a quick and easy 4 miler before school. I hope to get in some abs tonight after work as that’s one of my weekly goals.

I’m also quick and easy ? Not in that way. My quick and easy charm routine – face Camiseta Inter Milan lotion and a headband. who needs makeup or hair brushes? Not this girl.

Then, I rushed off to school where I took a test that was neither quick nor easy. and I have another one tomorrow. I think I’m growing an ulcer in my tummy, which I might have to purchase metronidazole for. I hope this doesn’t affect my quick and easy restroom breaks.

At lunch time I found myself on the way to work without a packed lunch. Not okay. fortunately I dug the subway gift card I scored from the healthy Living summit out the depths of my purse and used it. because it’s a gift card it doesn’t break the “No eating out in Sept” rule. Boo-ya.

I purchased a tuna foot-long on their new Omega-3 bread. This bread is completely covered in little grains and I loved every bite. I would certainly purchase this again.

I asked the sandwich artist to give me 3 scoops of tuna instead of the typical 4 spread over the foot-long to lighten it up a bit. I love tuna, but don’t love the calorie count. rather than purchase something I don’t want, I purchase my favorite and make small tweaks ?

On the side I had chips and carrots. I didn’t imply to eat the chips, but this is a new flavor and I ended up really liking it!

Now I have work until 6pm then homework time. hopefully it will all be over rapidly and easily so I can get back to blogging ?

Quick and easy Question: chocolate or Vanilla?



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