After my long run yesterday I took it very simple (read: lazy). I hung out on the couch viewing Julie as well as Julia while eating watermelon. completely my concept of a great time

Ben was MIA at some science satisfying thing as well as lastly came house around 6pm starving so we headed directly out to dinner. I’ve been craving sushi so we tried a new to us location near by.
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I got A Covid-19 Test
Getting a Coronavirus test – exactly Camiseta Liverpool FC how it works, what it feels like, my experience as well as more. I got the conventional test as well as Ben got the Covid-19 fast test.

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I got the salmon bento box as well as had one of those crunch rolls above. Ben took a few of my tempura, however outside of that no grain of rice was left behind.

Even though we were full from dinner I couldn’t withstand stopping on the method house for fro-yo. Hey, it was still 95 degrees! I needed it to great off.

This morning I woke up early as well as went on a 3 mile walk to shake my legs out. I’m amazed that I don’t feel exhausted or sore at all!

Breakfast – I’m O.V.E.R the warm wave going on in southern California. I understand I’m not a fan of the cold, however I am making a formal request that autumn starts asap around right here (hopefully, I won’t regret this in a few chilly months).

I made Pumpkin Pancakes in an attempt to summon autumn this way…

Then I had an

Asian Pear with a side of Time magazine. Are you keeping up on the news? It’s crazy out ther

After breakfast we  headed back to the church we tried a while back that’s very friendly. It’s type of strange though since everybody understands each other as well as Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Australia 42 people introduced themselves to us before the service. I requirement to take notes next time.

Lunch was a salad, grapes as well as a quesadilla.

Now we have a listing of things to achieve today! I’m headed to Baltimore on Thursday as well as want get ahead of things before the week starts.

I failed to remember to add “plant our avocado seed” to the list! Ben is identified to grow an avocado tree on our patio. I’m optimistic even though we can’t seem to keep a cactus alive…

Today is Mexican self-reliance Day!

I believe this requires a event margarita!

Here’s my lazy margarita recipe if you wanna play too.



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