hey there and delighted Friday! I have a incredibly busy day, so let’s do this

Last night I made quesadillas for dinner. I love these and don’t know why I disregard to make them everyday. I used LC cheese and it wasn’t gooey, but this very tasty!
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Before We Were Strangers Review
Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino book review.
Quick thoughts and recommendations for audio books. The story, narrator, review and a lot more on the A good listen series.

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Then, I headed to a Yogurtland meet up with the OC blogger girls. They rock. No pics of the group because I’m pretty sure Sarah from OUAL hates that. Which is so odd, I don’t know why any individual would get annoyed with a blogger taking pictures of everything / everyone / every food in a 5 mile radius. Boo.

I was running late so I jumped into the conversation as soon as I got there. But, I can’t go to YLand without getting the Y so I took some to go. I also got some for Ben. I think that won me some brownie yogurt points.

Friday –  I started the morning with a great 3 mile walk. I’m headed to yoga during lunch. It’s been so long I’m pretty sure I Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Francia forgot how to get down with my dog.

Breakfast – Camiseta RB Leipzig I really wanted pancakes or French Toast, but didn’t have time so it was the same ol’ same ol’. I’ve been using 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg lately and it’s changed my life. adding a whole egg is so much a lot more satisfying taste wise and the added yolk is where it’s at.

I am speaking at Fitbloggin again this year! Fitbloggin is a blogger conference in Baltimore, MD September 20-23. I will be attending with the Refuel chocolate Milk team and attending their session on recovery. and I’m co-leading a session Blogging: how much Is too Much?

It’s about oversharing. Hmmmm. wonder if I’ve ever done that before…

Fitbloggin is actually my favorite blog conference! I love it because the vibe is very delighted and supportive. other blog conferences have been overwhelming and scary to me. this one just feels right. plus it’s in MD so I can eat a ton of crab cakes

Here are my articles from the last two:

Fitbloggin’ 2011 and arrival post 

I spoke about blogging 101

Fitbloggin’ 2010 – My first blog conference ever. I was so scared, but ended up loving it.

Since I’m speaking I have a voucher code for 25% off the conference tickets! email me if you want the code!

Question: What are you doing this weekend?

My tri is tomorrow and my stomach is already “nervous” about it.



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