Rumor has it numerous Americans acquire as much as 5 pounds in the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas!

I’m not one to listen to rumors – however I likewise do not want to show this true! So today I’m going over a few of my preferred methods to prevent over-eating when there is so much great food around!
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Celestial Seasonings hooked me up with a ton of tea after my go to to their plant in Boulder. As it’s slowly getting chilly cooler right here in SoCal I’m craving much more comfort foods.

And I just seem to snack much more in the autumn / winter season – not sure if it’s the food is much better or I’m just inside more! anybody else feel me on this?

Night time snacking has always been my nemesis so I try to fill up ma tummy with warm tea. however there is so much much more temptation around the holidays…

Tips to prevent holiday Weight Gain

1. Don’t show as much as a celebration hungry. Make sure to have a snack before you show up so you’re not starving as well as assault the buffet.

2. Make yourself a plate – don’t just stand at the food table snacking away the night. get a plate as well as location the things you should have on that plate, then walk away from the food. truly delight in what you served yourself.

3. Be picky. select products that you can’t have every day. avoid store purchased cookies you have at house or food you eat often. This is the time to delight in your grandma’s special stuffing as well as new tasty foods!

4. focus on fun. catch up with your buddies as well as household first. Make people, not food the priority.

5. offer to bring a healthy dish. It’s always good to offer to bring something to a celebration – if you bring a lower calorie meal you’ll be guaranteed something you want to eat.

6. view your liquid calories. Alcohol, eggnog, punch… drinks add a great deal of calories! I’m all for an adult beverage or two three, however keep it in mind just like you’re minding your food calories.

I sip tea when people come over with treats so I snack less. <- Note: It’s not about NOT enjoying holiday treats, however enjoying them in moderation. That’s very essential for me because I can overdo it very fast. I like the holiday flavors as well as add milk, pumpkin pie flavor as well as sweetener so it tastes like a treat. And now I’m going back to my mug… see you men later! Question: What is your most significant difficulty for eating healthy during the holidays?   Disclaimer: This publish is part of my partnership with Celestial Seasonings. All opinions are my own. I am completely sipping tea while composing this publish as well as it’s nice… ​ ​ SEND ME THE WORKBOOK Save Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin Share Mail Share