It is always a pleasure and a surprise to be invited in Italy to speak at a conference. I left Italy lots of years ago to pursue a occupation in sports science and research and being invited back home to speak to coaches and sports scientists is always a pleased moment and an opportunity to speak my first language again for few days.

The invitation this time has come from the Italian Athletics Federation and CONI for a conference called “Atleticamente”. I have been invited to present in a special session to celebrate my PhD supevisor and mentor professor Carmelo Bosco. I am very delighted about the invitation to this conference and pleased also because Bosco’s supervisor, professor Paavo Komi will be there.

Over the course of my occupation both Paavo and Carmelo had a terrific influence. I was always intending to become as good as they are and have been and to this day they are still a source of inspiration and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to meet them and spend time with them.

I will talk about my work with Prof. Bosco from the lab to the field as well as my own research work on the present and the future of sports science in the applied setting.

The conference will be a terrific opportunity also to learn a lot more about other sporting systems and catch up with colleagues and pals few months before London Olympics.

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