Today I went for a late morning run in Orange County. I’ve heard terrific things about the Newport Back Bay loop and have only run to the loop, but not all the way around it.

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Bobbi lives an hour and a half inland, but was heading to the OC for some fun today. We made a decision to meet up and try the Back Bay loop in Newport for a run and some catch up time!

Running the entire loop is a little over 10 miles, but we did 7 miles and walked 1 to amazing down. We are running a local half marathon this weekend and didn’t want to overdo it!

Today was gorgeous! We didn’t start running until about 10am and I was terrified it was going to be Camiseta Real Madrid too hot. thankfully a strong ocean breeze kept us from overheating

7 miles done and done!

After the run we headed to the evident choice for some lunch – whole Foods! The whole Foods in the Tustin marketplace really is the best one around.

I headed straight for the hot food bar and got a mish-mash of a bunch of things…

On a bed of spinach I think there was… mushroom lasagna, pastas salad, pineapple fried rice, sweet and sour tofu, a piece of butternut squash enchilada and more. everything was remarkable except the salmon salad, could have made with out that.

I got 2 Zevia sodas because I drink a lot more than Charlie Sheen at an open bar.

It’s already “sit outside” weather in southern Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Brasil California!

We sat and chatted for a long time after digging into our food too. That indicates there was room for “dessert”. Today’s lunch dessert was a detox juice. Okay, so it’s not a gooey chocolate chip cookie – but it is still a treat to me!

Now I must really get in the shower considering that my fellow whole Foods buyers were steering their organic produce packed carts far away from me as I was walking around the store. I thought I’d fit in the with all the hairy legged hippies, but apparently I stink too much even for them! Sorry.

The run, the lunch and the girl talk was so much fun today! I love starting the week on a good note like this



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