update on my wise Snacking Challenge: yesterday went well, however I had lunch early Camiseta ACF Fiorentina (had to work at 12pm) as well as had my 2 snacks before dinner.

This morning I chomped on an apple as well as pineapple cottage cheese (obsessed with it right now!).
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Sumo Squat
Reverse Lunge – right
Reverse Lunge – left
Lateral Lunge – right
Lateral Lunge – left

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This afternoon I will be snacking on some wise Pop since today is national Popcorn Day!

As part of my partnership with Orville Redenbacher the business sent me a few of their new appear Bowls. I’m quite excited since I always pour my popcorn into a bowl anyways as well as dim the lights while watching trash TV.

It hasn’t been simple for me to stay on track with snacking. It’s been my worst habit for YEARS, however I’m slowly ending up being more conscious of the random trips to the kitchen area as well as bites while cooking. I have caught myself grabbing a piece of bread with PB&J twice already! One time I effectively stopped myself, the other Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Países Bajos time I ate it. as well as I grabbed a handful of cereal after my apple this morning before redirecting myself to get something with protein.

Progress, not perfection.

About two weeks back I shared a Beginner level HIIT workout here. Hopefully, you’ve done this a few times as well as are prepared for the next step.

Here is a 4 minute workout utilizing the Tabata Timer


Do each move 20 seconds. Then, 10 seconds of rest. Run eat Repeat if you want.

The moves:

Jumping Jacks
Screamers (alternate)
High Knees
Butt Kicks

*Consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

**I don’t understand why, however I feel extremely dumb publishing this video as well as Ben just told me these shorts aren’t flattering. But, I’m not going to be scared this year of looking dumb on the Web since it’s basically my night job… Enjoy?

Question: How’s your wise Snacking difficulty going? (If you’re joining me) What did ya snack on today?

***For the record I told Ben I was going to click on the “Meet single Runners” link on the video after he stated that.



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