Hello! Today we’re going to talk about all some of the bad decisions I make on Camiseta Bayer 04 Leverkusen a daily basis. I’m not an expert at much, but give me a problem and I can make it worse. It’s kinda my thing. So let’s talk about running with a broken toe and other bad ideas I’ve had lately…

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Before all the bad choices – I made a good one! I was a meal prepping device Sunday night and made the Chorizo and Potato Tacos plus this frittata. I had a lot of leftover potatoes and threw them together with eggs, milk, salt/pepper and green onions. It came out really delicious!!

Bad decision #1… cutting my own bangs. When will I learn?!



Bad decision #2: owning an orange cat and wearing yoga pants.

I am continuously covered in cat hair and will never be able to hide the fact that I’m a cat lady weirdo.

Bad decision #3… running with a broken toe. (See my toe disaster post here.)

Disclaimer: I am here to be honest. and if we’re being truthful runners RUN. numerous long distance runners run… while sick, late for work, to avoid their problems, when they shouldn’t, because they’re addicted (or some other similar excuse). So I can pretend that I’m not running or I can tell you my experience.

Okay. I don’t really know if it’s broken. I didn’t get an x-ray or anything. but it’s still swollen over a week after slamming it into a coffee table so it’s pretty banged up either way. Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Arabia Saudita If it is broken there is nothing a doctor would be able to do Camiseta Juventus for me, they don’t put a cast on a toe.

What I did: The RICE method = Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Actually I didn’t do compression because that hurt. I did do the other steps though.

And Friday I tried something new to help my lil injured pinky toe… I got acupuncture. I am a fan of all medicine – Western, Eastern, Northern, Southern, Made-up. So I thought I would give this a whirl.

I went in and completed the forms to the best of my ability…

Showed the doc my toe and cried about how I needed it fixed asap because I had to run a half marathon the next day. He poked me up full of needles and put some heat on the toe.

After 10 minutes he came back to check on me and poked my toe and it kind of cracked or something. and I think it realigned. We don’t think it was actually broken because he used that medal shaker thingy (that’s the proper medical term for it I think) and vibrated it on my toe. because it didn’t really hurt my toe is probably just jammed or bruised really bad.

It didn’t hurt except for one needle for a second and was fairly relaxing. I plan on going back for much more toe stuff and also for my thyroid issues (but I wanted that to be something he and I discussed on a different day because the toe was the priority).

I would 100% not run if I felt like it was an injury kind of pain. It felt bruised when I first ran on it, not a sharp pain that changed my gait. and I am trying to rest it by walking less and not doing anything else high impact. If my pinky toe doesn’t heal soon I’m probably just going to chop it off. any takers? I bet you could make a pendant out of it or something.

Question: ever gotten acupuncture? would you?



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