This is the very best week ever! Do you understand why? national Running Day is June 3rd as well as national Donut Day is June 5th!!! I am 1000% running to go get donuts both of those days. perhaps on the 4th as well for great measure.  I like donuts. as well as running. as well as running to get donuts. So I have my donut eatin’ pants on as well as I’m prepared to go!

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So, I’m home! I was unfortunate to leave the cruise ship as well Camiseta Valencia as Alaska as well as my mommy (mostly since she always would go fill my water bottle at the end of the day). however I am glad to be house for a bit (I have a lot more travel arranged soon). I truly like traveling, however I don’t like the actual transportation part of it – like the taxis as well as airplanes as well as safety as well as all of that jazz. So I make it much better with treats  

When I got house I didn’t do much to be productive. however I did listen to one more Serial episode. Love.

And my kitchen area is quite bare so I was extremely lucky to get house to a lot of treats from CVS.

This morning I went for a run – I missed my running path!

I am still on a huge oatmeal kick from the trip. This was not as great at the oatmeal as well as all the tasty toppings that I had at the breakfast buffet daily last week.

Vegetarian June Challenge

I’ve made a decision to goal to eat vegetarian in June.

I want to get back to a plant based diet plan with some animal protein thrown in for support. But, I’ve truly gotten away from that. I realized I utilized to be  much a lot more conscious of what I was eating when I was vegetarian – I was so much much better about reading nutrition labels as well as keeping a balanced diet. now I’m just sloppy.  I don’t mean to be veggie permanently (if it occurs it occurs I don’t truly care either method as well as just want to eat what’s finest for MY body) however I requirement to make some type of mindful modification for a while to get me back in the method of much better understanding of what I’m putting in my body.

I was vegetarian for many years in college, however someday realized the vegetarian choices at a few of the restaurants I was going to were NOT the healthiest options so I stopped being veg. as well as it was fantastic up until Camiseta AS Monaco I’ve just recently realized my less than outstanding diet. I’m not re-hiring the food authorities to find into my life, I just want to eat food, not as well much, mainly plants. (- from Food policies by Michael Pollen)

(Note:  I have a Blue Apron shipment coming in a few weeks that includes shrimp so I’ll make an allowance for that considering that I Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Inglaterra already arranged it. I already have a no red meat/pork menu with them so this isn’t a huge offer for me.)

I’m blabbing on about this just to state I had a bean packed salad as well as hummus for lunch… with additional Sriracha since it was the only one thing I couldn’t get on the cruise ship.

Question: What day are you looking ahead to a lot more – national Running Day or national Donut Day?



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