great Morning! Wow this weekend was a whirlwind of fun!

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Thursday – I flew to Seattle as well as saw my recipe in a magazine.

Friday was all about Running as well as Snacking in Seattle, plus Parties!

Saturday I discovered about storytelling as well as photo editing.

And Sunday I went house as well as watched the genuine Housewives of new jersey (love like love) before promptly passing out. I am consumed keeping that show, so if you are as well let’s discuss.

This morning I had to shoot some video on my run for a huge job I have coming up. So, I did 6 miles overall however there were a great deal of breaks in there.

I came back hungry as well as had half a sandwich thin with AB while making eggs. I’m so happy I kept in mind to pick up ketchup yesterday!

And I don’t understand exactly how or why, however this batch of iced coffee is additional delicious! I brewed Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Australia it last night as well as added almond milk as well as stevia this morning. I believe going a bit heavy handed on the almond milk “made” it.

Yes, so I have a huge video job going on as well as I’m going to begin training for my very first triathlon this week! There is a regional Triathlon group for lady called Tri La Vie that has invited me to train with them.

I’m planning on doing the iTRYathlon at the end of July – it’s organized by Renegade Racing – a regional racing business that likewise holds path runs as well as other events.

This race is an entry level triathlon with a 200 meter swim (in a pool!), 9 mile bike as well as 3 mile run. So, it’s not a killer distance as well as I don’t have to discover open water swimming –> however I haven’t biked in a year as well as haven’t really swam a genuine lap in 6 years?!

Backstory – I started to train for my very first triathlon in college after I hurt my ankle while running. I understood I needed to cross train more to protect my running muscles. I saved up my money as well as bought a bike as well as a wetsuit. I even started to train with a regional group since I understood nothing about tris.

Well, I got hectic with school, work as well as my internship as well as stop the tri-training.

Sadly, the wetsuit was one of the casualties of our move Camiseta Fluminense across the Camiseta Kashiwa Reysol country. Ben as well as I threw out a ton of super valuable stuff at the last minute since it didn’t in shape in the cars and truck as well as we were on a time crunch

Anyways, years later I am lastly going to provide the triathlon one more shot.

Problems to solve:

1. My bike has 2 flat tires as well as spider webs.

2. I don’t have a pool to train in! My fitness center doesn’t have a pool as well as I’m not sure where to go. I’m believing the regional Y?

Music Monday: Pitbull’s Back in Time

I requirement to add this to my playlist!

Question: What was the highlight of your weekend?



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