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I randomly enjoyed some port last night as dessert. This is from TJ’s as well as goes amazing with a piece of dark chocolate. It may be as well wonderful for some peeps, however this right up my Camiseta Sport Club Internacional alley as well as reminds me of my fave port from Paso Robles. Love.
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American dirt book review

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This morning I ran 10 miles. since ten Mile Tuesday seems fun. I may make it a thing in my world.

Quick tip Tuesday

How to save Your Seats from getting SWEATY after a Run

I am a extremely sweaty bear. Like, I sweat a lalala lot. This isn’t a issue since only God can judge me now as well as I don’t believe that plays a part in getting into Heaven.

But, when I drive to a run place I don’t want to get back in my vehicle as well as wet my seats with sweat. Gross.

I usually have a towel in my vehicle at all times. (Living 10 miles from the ocean you never understand when you want to take a dip!) however I took whatever out of my vehicle before Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Canadá my China trip as well as failed to remember up until I came back to my vehicle after my 16 miler this weekend (in 72 degree weather, I was drenched).

Luckily, I had a area blanket from a previous race tucked in Camiseta Crystal Palace FC the back of my seat! These fold down super flat so they don’t take a great deal of space as well as can assist you out of a jam. Bonus: people in earthquake areas – you don’t get warning before the ‘big one’ as well as this may are available in handy one day.

Quick Tip: keep your metallic blanket after a race. wipe it down if it’s sweaty as well as fold it flat. Then, stick it under your vehicle seat or somewhere that’s out of the way, however handy.

Question: exactly how do you prevent sweaty seats after a workout?



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