It’s national Watermelon Day!

(aka my happiest day of the year)
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I understood this day was August 3rd, however was a bit shocked that I still have to work today – it’s not a national Holiday?! You understand something is wrong with the government when we can’t all stay house eating H2O melon today.

Watermelon is my #1 preferred food as well as I can never get enough.

I understand there are tons of recipes on the internet for watermelon sangria, salads, Camiseta Ajax desserts as well as more. But, I’m a watermelon purist – just provide it to me straight.

I did produce a Pinterest board devoted to watermelon though, so please leave your outstanding watermelon articles as well as recipes in the comments! I only have 2 pins on it so far as well as requirement some more!

In honor of national Watermelon Day I’m going to…

Chop up my watermelon in 2 minutes ala my You Tube video

Then, eat it like a boss

Give vegas away as well as embrace a feline who likes watermelon…

I won’t get a bird who likes watermelon though (in situation that feline wants a side of poultry too)

And after I’ve had my fill I’m moving to this place:(Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty pictures source Yahoo)

Want more?

Check Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Países Bajos out my exactly how to cut a Watermelon vlog

How to pick a Watermelon

Leave your preferred watermelon recipes as well as links in the comments!



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