pleased Friday! exactly how was your week?

I’m over right here just doing a extremely simple shake-out run this morning. My legs have been very exhausted since I haven’t gotten sufficient rest lately. I woke up Sunday as well as really felt this extremely unique tired/heavy leg thing as soon as I opened my eyes. That’s legit. But, since I’m not wise I already registered for a race this weekend as well as the show will continue… just slowly.
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Review of Jessica Simpson’s new book – open Book. The singer as well as entrepreneur spills tricks as well as behind the scenes surprises all in her memoir.

Review of the Audible book – Jessica Simpson reads it herself! plus there are bonus offer tunes when you get the audio version!

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I’m just wanting to surface so I’m not concerned about it. I just requirement time with my thoughts as well as the open road…

What I am concerned about is exactly how much I smell.

I just feel like a smelly person, isn’t that the worst!?!! mainly when I run, thankfully. however I do run 5 days a week so that’s 5 out of 7 days of stinky clothes.

So, I’m quite thrilled about these Bounce Bursts that I tried this week. They were on very sale at the store so I believed I’d provide it a whirl in the washer. Yep! My running clothes came out smelling a great deal nicer than usual. now if only the great odor lasts with a run, I’d be set!

I was still feeling extremely snacky McSnackerson today so I had some carrots as well as Sabra Greek Yogurt Dip to get my crunch on.

And in excellent 99 cent store news…

I found these Quorn veggie burgers at the 99. Yeah! I try to prevent soy based veggie burgers since of my thyroid, however I still like them. (They are soy as well as meat free.) I was thrilled to purchase the whole stock!

And in other pleased food news…

I lastly discovered the Tostitos Rolls!!! except I didn’t purchase them yet. I’m waiting up until better to the very bowl since if I just had them at my home best now they’d already be gone. I’m disappointed, however recognize my weaknesses as well as am not going to set myself up for that.

Soon Tostitos… we’ll be together.

And now the huge expose – if I was a food I would most likely be nicknamed these Ginger extreme candies…because they’re spicy as well as a small bit wonderful as well as a bit unpleasant, however some people like ’em.

Although, I’d rather be a watermelon margarita…

Healthy very bowl Snack Ideas

Speaking of chips… inspect out these excellent recipes for the very bowl or a random Friday night or breakfast:

Skinny Buffalo Chip Dip recipe <- I made that a person for my fam last year as well as it was sibling as well as father approved! Skinny 7 Layer Dip Recipe 5 minute Bean Dip Recipe Question: If you were a food – what would you be? What are you doing Sunday? ​ ​ SEND ME THE WORKBOOK Save Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin Share Mail Share keep choosing these: My rest Day morning Routine My rest Day morning Routine My morning routine on a rest day from running. What I do, what I'm eating on a rest day as well as other BTS for no running day What I Ate Today Food Diary - Marathon training Week 4 What I Ate Today Food Diary - Marathon training Week 4 What I eat in a Day. Food Diary Running blog training week 4. Breakfast, Lunch, dinner as well as snacks plus notes on15 quick Pre Run Snack Ideas 15 quick Pre Run Snack Ideas What to eat before you run as well as When to eat. 15 quick pre run snack concepts for new runners as well as training for a half marathon Nutrition for Runners - Run in shape difficulty Week 5 Nutrition for Runners - Run in shape difficulty Week 5 What's the very best diet plan for runners? Nutrition suggestions for Runners. Macros for running, meal planning suggestions as well as carbs Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls-New total Frozen Meals Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls-New total Frozen Meals Gorton's Shrimp Bowls new Frozen meals - thoughts on the Shrimp Soba Noodle bowl as well as Creamy Mushroom Risotto bowl. Healt new strong Bites Snack by Foster Farms new strong Bites Snack by Foster Farms I’m trying the new Foster Farms strong Bites snacks! These are a new food discover as well as I just so occurred to have found them ⚡ by shareaholic .