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Face Mask ideas for Running and walking Outside
Face Mask for Running and walking outside during Coronavirus outbreak.
Do you need to wear a mask? What mask is the best for runners and walkers?

Check out my best pick for a mask.
Plus the CDC’s recommendations on when to wear a mask and what kind during the COVID19 outbreak.
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Warm up… It’s October! I’m ecstatic because I love fall Running and there are so lots of races…

And in random news… Black hole of cell service??

Today’s main podcast topic

I’m answering questions on how bloggers make money. but I want to share a disclaimer – I’m not an expert on … well, really anything (except being a redheaded Mexican). So Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Canadá check with the IRS, your accountant and other official resources to know what laws and policies apply to you.

There are resources below for a lot more information but always do your own research on crucial things like finances, health, safety, the best eyeshadow for your complexion… etc.

How do bloggers Make Money

1. @runningduck random but if you are “paid” by means of product, do you have to declare the value of that product (retail or wholesale) for taxes? Do you solicit companies or are they recruiting you for promotion? I really take pleasure in your feed – it’s a great mix of product, personal, and fun. keep it up!!
For bloggers –

Do you need to disclose things companies send? and other tax ideas and info can be found on Katy Widrick’s post ‘Do I have to disclose’

2. hungryrunnergirl Does vegas get paid?

@acinthe808 @hungryrunnergirl I think vegas must get some kickback…or paid holiday somewhere.

@runeatrepeat @acinthe808 @hungryrunnergirl vegas always eats too fast and then barfs. So I feel like we’re even.


3. @strick51 Do you know what your yearly income is with and without products? especially shoes and things that you really do use and as a result don’t have to purchase? I’m just curious what the approximate pay grade is for a full-time blogger. Thanks! ?

I found some web sites with information how much bloggers make….

How much Food bloggers Make by means of the Huffington Post

How much money Do bloggers Make by means of The Sits girls

4. @tcashsymbolI’m curious how much YOU have to reach out to THEM to get a sponsorship? What percentage contact you first??

5. @sammynystrom What is your greatest source of revenue? how do you gather the traffic to your site?Now – Sponsored articles and instagram.

Right now it’s sponsored articles and sponsored social media.

It used to be ads, then it was  brand partnerships.

I also make some money from Advocare (that’s the company that makes the 24 Day challenge and spark – probably the two main products I use from them).

I pointed out I don’t make money from selling a product I make. I also don’t do health coaching or run coaching one on one for money ideal now because Run eat Repeat takes up so much time. I do have RER gear that an outside company makes – generally because followers and family have asked for gear. I love that any individual would want RER gear so I have it in my Spreadshirt shop but I don’t make money from it.

I think it will continue change. It’s crucial to roll with the changes in blogging, vlogging and social media. considering that social media is always coming out with new things the way to make money from it will change too.

6. @mylittlerunnergirl Was making a living your intent or did it just progress into that? If it was your intent, were you really fearful of beginning? @runeatrepeat

7. gt4313 I’d be curious how consistent the pay is for successful bloggers such as yourself. Are some months wildly different, which would make it hard to plan or budget? I think that part would make me nervous. You seem to rock it, and I love your “not fancy” spirit with it.


More resources:

10 tax ideas for Bloggers

Tax ideas for bloggers by means of Turbo Tax

Podcast awards for the Week…

1st – My mommy for talking to me on the phone while I cook and clean and do other boring stuff

2nd. live video! saves time and it’s fun (and random)

3rd. Pinterest

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Thank you!


Question: What gets your 1st place  award today?


Disclaimer: information shared on Run eat Repeat – website, social media and by Monica are not intended to substitute for any official, legal or medical advice.

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