I’m sharing how I stay active as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #StayfreeSisters as well as Stayfree® pads

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Hello! Today we’re talking about girl stuff so if you aren’t into that sorta thing you’ve been warned.

Recently Stayfree® reached out to me to share some ways I stay active throughout the month. While this isn’t my favorite topic or rather time of month, I get a lot of questions about this from readers. depending on how it hits ya, ‘TOM’ can make it hard to run or stay active.

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Here are some ways I keep going when I want to stop, decrease as well as eat chocolate.

Walk it out

I know TOM can make you more tired than usual… however I really just accept as well as embrace that a bit. If I feel sleepy or sluggish I just try to get to bed earlier. It’s not rocket science, however it is important self-care.

But, I don’t slack off completely, I make it a point to exercise – I’m just open to altering it up a bit. I really feel like this helps make me feel much better physically as well as emotionally.

Today I took a walk with my favorite SkinnyRunner as well as her lil puppy. The weather is perfection as well as catching up with her put me in the best mood (read: having her listen to me vent about life, liberty as well as the pursuit).

Eating healthy or at least 80/20

This isn’t relegated to specific times – I always eat what I’m craving. Today I was craving my simple peanut sauce. Delicious!

I used my simple Peanut Sauce recipe as well as put it on whole wheat pasta as well as turkey meatballs.

Plus cereal. Makes me happy.


Be Prepared














Stretch as well as Zen Out

And really the most ‘feel good’ exercise after running for me is yoga.

Vegas too I guess…

It’s a difficulty to get to into a yoga class, however I enjoy a good stretch at home. as well as my IT band super super enjoys it! #runnerproblems

If that’s your thing too I have a great offer for ya…

Free Yoga

Get free yoga classes online with a 30-day membership to My yoga on Gaiam TV when you purchase any type of Stayfree® product either online or in-store between January 12-March 8, 2015! visit Stayfree.com/myyoga to learn more. as well as follow #StayfreeSisters on social media for more!

Question: yoga – at home or in the studio?

Did you have what you were craving for dinner? What did you have??



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